About Cyberize Group

We work with businesses that want to establish or expand their local presence online. We build website that people can easily find on Google.

Our philosophy is simple, help people find the information they are looking about your business, products, and services when they want it.

You Never Need To Feel Frustrated By Your Website Again.

Our services include everything you need to run a successful website including:

  1. SSL Certificate to secure your website (required by Google to rank)
  2. Email setup via GSuite (optional)
  3. Premium WordPress Hosting
  4. Excellent Customer Service, Premium Support
  5. 3rd Party integrations such as email autoreponders, Google Analytic, Facebook Analytics, pay processors (Stripe, Paypal, etc.)
  6. Malware Protection and Removal
  7. Built in protection from hackers

We do application development inside of WordPress using the WordPress REST API which makes it super flexible for you and your customers as the end user.

Use cases include custom customer or client dashboards, private member’s areas for your business, chamber, or association, single page applications (SPAs) that reside inside the WordPress framework and more!

We love to build things. We choose to build custom websites on WordPress. Our team of power users, designers, and developers can help.